Digital Cinema Media, 2013 Ident: “Amazing”

This ident attributed the brand to excitng scenes from around the world, such as a rocket taking off, a clouded mountain, and a shoal of fish. Not only does the ident look visually exciting and beautifully “crisp”, but it also sums up what DCM’s aims are as a company in a subtle clarity. The sweeping landscapes, and stimulating sights of the ident show that cinema is an incredibly emotional and exciting medium. Because the viewer thinks this about the clips in the ident, with little thought they also attribute it to the DCM brand.

It’s not just cinema that is emotional and exciting, so is DCM.


Monterey Media, 2008 Ident

This ident is the closest I could find to my own planned ident. It features a sunrise over the sea, with a tree silhouetted behind it. The sea and clouds are not animated, however the colours change the more the sun rises.

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